Pt 3 Asphalt Shingle System Installation – Patio Roof

Welcome back to the DIY Asphalt Shingle roof guide Part 3.

NOTE “This guide is for an IKO shingle system other manufacturers may have slightly different instructions”

patio Roof Starter Install
Starter installation on a patio roof


You cut 100mm off the starter course to create an offset with the next course.

Patio Roofing Installation
Starter course position on a patio roof

We start the starter course at the edge of the hip lining the top edge with the chalk line.  The adhesive glue is on the bottom edge and seals up the first visible row of shingles.

DIY Patio Kits
DIY patio kits, starter course installation


But the starter shingles up together tight.

Patio Kit Install
Vertical line measurement – 165mm apart


Now choose a spot in the middle of the roof in the middle of the starter course. Tack two nails 165mm apart to align the shingles vertically.

Patio Roof Kit Instructions
The vertical line to follow for the correct installation


An easy way to find a vertical line is to use an asphalt shingle and your eyes.  Adequate on small gazebos. On homes, you will need to find the exact 90 degrees angle as small differences will show over distances. You will need to use a right-angle triangle calculator to find the measurements for this.  Snap a second chalk line at 165mm  and you have your vertical lines to follow.

Vertical Chalk Lines Roof Kit
Vertical chalk lines for correct shingle installation


Now we are ready to install the first visible row of shingles.

Asphalt Shingles Installation
Installing the first row of asphalt shingles


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