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Roof Shingles Supplies Australia import IKO’s North America’s full range of roofing shingles and related roofing materials. IKO is one of the largest and most respected producers in America and is the largest exporter Worldwide. The most popular roofing shingles in America now impress Australian’s with their many benefits. The benefits of a roof shingles system include:-“>

  • Very cost-effective.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Natural slate looking roof shingle.
  • Wooden shake looking shingle roof.
  • An extensive range of naturally inspired colours.
  • Light weight roofing system @ 18kg/m2.
  • A-Bond “marine grade” plywood base creating:
  • Insulated roofing and excellent soundproofing.
  • Special bracing of the frame.
  • The ability to walk on the shingle roof for maintenance, gutter cleaning etc…
  • Easy DIY roofing shingles with install needing only standard tools – hammer, clout nails, knife, a chalk line.
  • Long-lasting shingle roof’s with 30 – 40-year manufacturers warranty.
  • Up to 210km/hr wind ratings.
  • Lightweight and compact shingle roofing – quickly sent around Australia.
  • Home roofing kits, gazebo kits and pergola roofing available for DIY.
  • Considerable savings on engineering specs due to the lightweight system.

Roof Shingles Types

The most popular American roofing shingles are the Marathon and Cambridge styles due to their impressive style and competitive pricing. The Marathon roofing shingles are made to look like slate but don’t attract moss and algae due to a clever inbuilt copper granule. The Marathon roof shingles are available in both standard and Ultra versions – the ultra providing an extended 30-year warranty.


Roof Shingles
Marathon Dual Black – Slate Look

The IKO Cambridge Roof Shingle

The Cambridge shingle is more textured looking a little like wooden shakes. This texture provides a unique and natural look complementing most styles of home Architecture. Also known as a laminated shingle since two layers of asphalt shingles are laminated together.


Shingle Roof
Cambridge dual Black – Wooden Shake Look

Premium Designer Shingle Roofing.

Premium designer roof shingles are becoming more popular due to their high-end specifications and limited lifetime manufacturers warranty’s. The Crown Slate, Armourshake and Royal Estate are the top of the range providing their own unique and impressive look. To see what our different shingle roof styles will look like on a home like yours check out our shingle selection tool.



Roofing Shingles
Crown Slate – Premium Designer Lifetime Warranty


Premium Shingle Roofing Options
Armourshake Premium Designer Lifetime Warranty

DIY Roof Shingle Products

As a DIY material roof shingles shine. We have people building home roofs, garages and covered patio’s and our shingles are finishing off gazebo kits and pergola roofing with brilliant results. You can complete a roof shingle kit in a weekend with standard tools found in most backyard sheds. We send these shingles around Australia in custom-made DIY kits. Maintenance-free and long-lasting shingles are a great roofing option. Consider shingle roofing materials and call for a free quotation.


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