Pt 1 Asphalt Shingle System Installation – Outdoor Gazebo

Outdoor gazebo D.I.Y. roof kit guide.

Hi, Here is a step-by-step installation guide for an outdoor gazebo asphalt shingle system.  You can apply the same installation technique to build a garden gazebo, wooden gazebo, permanent gazebo or a full home roof.  We send the outdoor gazebo kit with everything ready to start.

You can use our online outdoor gazebo roof calculator to work out the materials required for your project. IKO three-tab asphalt shingles come in packs of 21 pieces which cover 3m² of the roof.

  1. Calculate the roof area adjusted to pitch – our Calculator works this out.
  2. The Calculator measures the length around the outside edge.
  3. Finally, it calculates the combined length of the hips and ridge.

The first calculation 1 determines the plywood required. In Australia, standard sizes are 2400mm x 1200mm, 2.88m2. Generally, you can work with about 5-10% waste, a little more on six and eight-sided outdoor gazebos. The calculator also works out the synthetic roof underlay required with around 10% waste. Finally, the roof calculator works out how many packs of asphalt shingles you will need (including the “Starter course and hip and ridge capping”). Each pack of asphalt shingles has 21 lineal metres of the “starter course”. Also, each pack of asphalt shingles covers 8.9 lineal metres of hip and ridge capping.

TIP “For the IKO Marathon three-tab shingles we use 17mm thick, for the IKO Cambridge shingles we can use 15mm thick. This is Structural “Australian made” A-bond d-face d-face tongue & groove plywood AS-NZS 2004 – size is 2400mm x 1200mm. ”

Tools required used to build this DIY outdoor gazebo.

Hammer, level or straight edge, chalk line, Hook blades (Bunnings sell these), circular saw set to the depth of plywood, 19-20mm shank GAL clouts with a broad 10mm head, essential blade knife, power cords, metal tin snips.

Outdoor Gazebo Frame
Outdoor gazebo framing


At this early point, you will check that the rafters are straight and level.  A plainer is used to level the rafters. Asphalt shingles are a relatively flat roof, and you will notice any rafters that are sitting proud in the finished roof.

TIP “To save plywood it is ideal to space your rafters at 600mm centres. This means less cutting and waste”.

Fixed Gazebos
Roof kits for fixed gazebos


Two ladders and a plank/timber at a reasonable height is perfect for building an outdoor gazebo.


This roof had a 25-degree pitch.  9.5° is the minimum pitch for most asphalt roof shingles. Under 18.5° pitch, you will need to use a particular waterproofing barrier, e.g. IKO Stormshield – which is an adhesive backing rubber membrane.  You can use two layers of Stormtite synthetic roof underlay. Above 60° pitch, the asphalt shingles will need to be sealed manually.

TIP “In windy areas and on steep roofs you should place a small dab “ten cent piece” of tar sealant under the corner of each tab. This prevents wind damage.”

Gazebo Kits Installation
Measuring the plywood with the fascia board


On this gazebo, we had a small fascia board, so I measure the plywood to the outside edge. Plywood can be installed horizontally or vertically depending on the rafter spacing. You are required to stagger the sheets for extra strength and to manufacturers guidelines.

TIP “The tongue & groove ends of the ply are pushed tight together. On the short ends you leave a 2mm gap, allowing for any expansion and contraction in the plywood.”

Gazebo Kit Plywood Install
Outdoor Gazebo kit installation


To hold the first sheet of plywood, you can use a couple of nails.

TIP “Plywood is stamped with ‘A-Bond AS/NZS 2004….’ This side should facing skywood for a clean c-face underside.”.

Fixed Gazebos Chalk Line
Chalk line guide to cut the ply sheet


I chalk line the centre of the rafter for a straight cut. Check the blade on the circular saw is set to the thickness of the ply.

Gazebo Kits Ply Fitting
Fitting the Ply for the outdoor gazebo.


Cut along the chalk line.  The formaldehyde glue in plywood is a  known carcinogen, so it’s a good idea to use a mask. If you are experienced, you can hold your breath while cutting.

Outdoor Gazebo Plywood Base
Sawdust can be slippery.


Dust on the ply can be very slippery, so it pays to keep it clean. We have created a solid deck that you can walk on. The plywood also provides extremely good bracing for the frame. It is lightweight and stable.


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