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DIY gazebo and DIY pergola kits are a great way to save money and create that outdoor living area that is so desirable. Our asphalt shingle DIY gazebo kits and DIY pergola kits are fairly easy to install and the results are breathtaking. The A-Bond plywood base not only provides a safe working platform but braces the gazebo or pergola roof and strengthens the whole structure. Once the 17mm plywood is installed, the underlay is laid and the shingles nailed over this. I have a detailed roof installation guide on the following pages.


DIY gazebo kits
DIY Gazebo Kits in ‘Slate Style’ shingle


The asphalt shingle roofing system is a very cost effective roofing option with large savings to be made with DIY. The DIY gazebo kits and DIY pergola kits are fully insulated and very quiet due to the thick plywood base. Your  DIY pergola kit and gazebo kit provides a shaded area in the middle of the day protecting you from the harsh Australian sun.

Probable the most desirable aspect of your DIY gazebo or DIY pergola is the 30 – 40 year manufacturers warranty’s. Once installed you have a maintenance free roof that will last many decades. We replace wooden roofs and thatched roofs on a regular basis as they deteriorate very fast and people are generally after a longer lasting roofing alternative.

Using basic tools found in most backyard sheds an asphalt shingle roof for a patio, pergola, gazebo, shed, garage can usually be built in a couple of days.  A hammer, some galvanised clout nails, chalk line, circular saw and knife are all you will need to impress family and friends with your do it yourself weekend project.

The DIY pergola kit roof in the photo below was finished in a weekend.  This includes plywood, underlay and shingles. The frame was built before this.


DIY Pergola Kits
DIY Pergola Kits in Cambridge dual Black


Do it yourself gazebo kits and pergola kits roof installation for your home project is easy with asphalt shingles.  Impress friends and family with do it yourself roof’s finished in a weekend.

Click here for a detailed gazebo roof installation guide.

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